14th Day, 14th Way

14.  Put a brick in your toilet
ONLY do this if you DON'T have a high water efficient toilet, which is usually the case in older homes and apartments that still have old toilets.  New toilets use 1.5 to 2 gallons of water per flush versus 5 gallons in an older toilet.  The brick is a water saver.  When you put it in the toilet tank, water cannot fill the space that is taken up by the brick, which means less water will be flushed.  Simple, basic and cheaper than replacing an old toilet.

13.  Don't use paper towels
12.  Capture household waste water
11.  Air dry your laundry
10.  Avoid plastic-ware
9.  Don't throw anything away
8.  Get off the grid for a day
7.  Put out a bucket or barrel to capture the rain
6.  Limit Energy Consumption
5.  Take reusable sacks to the store - Every store
4.  Use natural dyes for Easter eggs
3.  Buy from a local business
2.  Make a commitment to the challenge.
1.  Clean the air in your home by purchasing house plants to filter the air.

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