15th Day, 15th Way

15.  Meet a local
A big part of living a 4(for) green acres life is getting to know the community around you. Since their acres bump into yours, the only way to get theirs greener, which helps your own,  is to develop a relationship with them.  This may be a neighbor, local shop owner, or a farmer that has a CSA. 

I have gotten to know the owner of a local business because I frequently shop there, and he has introduced me to farmers and other business owners I didn't know before.  Your 4(for) green acres community will come in time, but the first step is to introduce yourself to someone new.

14.  Put a brick in your toilet
13.  Don't use paper towels 
12.  Capture household waste water
11.  Air dry your laundry
10.  Avoid plastic-ware
9.  Don't throw anything away
8.  Get off the grid for a day
7.  Put out a bucket or barrel to capture the rain
6.  Limit Energy Consumption
5.  Take reusable sacks to the store - Every store
4.  Use natural dyes for Easter eggs
3.  Buy from a local business
2.  Make a commitment to the challenge.
1.  Clean the air in your home by purchasing house plants to filter the air.

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