28th Day, 28th Way

28.  Make all your meals at home
Eating out is not cheap, especially if you want real food.  There is a local place I like that offers really great salads with homemade dressing.  If I bought a salad from them every day at lunch for the month of April I would spend $300!  That's really expensive lettuce.  This challenge has two purposes.  The first being to keep some money in your pocket but the second and most important being the control of your ingredients.  When you make food at home, you know what goes into it.  This doesn't mean heating up a frozen pizza, it means making your own pizza including the crust!  Search through a few recipes and for breakfast, lunch and dinner, make your own today.27.  Get a library card
26.  Save an item from the trash
25.  Plant something
24.  Defrost your freezer
23.  Bring your own coffee cup
22.  Go on a nature hike
21.  Stake out a farmers market
20.  Switch a chemical cleaner with vinegar
19.  Send snail mail
18.  Use baking soda for skincare
17.  Use ladybugs for natural pesticide
16.  Avoid the car
15.  Meet a local
14.  Put a brick in your toilet
13.  Don't use paper towels 
12.  Capture household waste water
11.  Air dry your laundry
10.  Avoid plastic-ware
9.  Don't throw anything away
8.  Get off the grid for a day
7.  Put out a bucket or barrel to capture the rain
6.  Limit Energy Consumption
5.  Take reusable sacks to the store - Every store
4.  Use natural dyes for Easter eggs
3.  Buy from a local business
2.  Make a commitment to the challenge.
1.  Clean the air in your home by purchasing house plants to filter the air.

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