8th Day, 8th Way

8.  Get off the grid for a day.
Living a 4(for) green acres life is not only about taking care of the acres you have, it is also about taking care of your community and family.  In today's social media world it's easy to get caught up in status updates or trying to capture every moment with a camera.  There was a time when Sunday's were spent going to church, eating a meal around a table, and taking the day off with those you love.  Go back to those ways.  I have a no computer, camera, or phone rule on Sundays.  Unless I'm calling or skyping my family since they are in Nebraska, I spend my day doing craft projects, being outdoors, reading, or spending time with loved ones. 

Today's challenge is to do just that.  Turn off your phone, computers, t.v., and for some of you, even your camera.  Spend the day just living in the moment.

p.s. this post was written on Friday. 

7.  Put out a bucket or barrel to capture the rain

6.  Limit Energy Consumption
5.  Take reusable sacks to the store - Every store
4.  Use natural dyes for Easter eggs
3.  Buy from a local business
2.  Make a commitment to the challenge.
1.  Clean the air in your home by purchasing house plants to filter the air.

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