9th Day, 9th Way

9.  Don't throw anything away
The average person throws a little over four pounds of trash away in a day. That equates to roughly 1,500 pounds a year. A lot of that can be prevented if we stop and think about what we are tossing in the trash can. Most items can now be recycled. My trash and recycling service comes weekly. My goal is to have my recycle can full and my trash can nearly empty, and it usually is.

Today's challenge is a bit tricky. Your goal is not to throw anything in the trash. That doesn't mean you can save it until tomorrow. It means that anything you use today needs to be recyclable. By taking such drastic measures for a day you will find the areas you are producing too much trash, whether it be in package materials, or to-go containers. This will require you to think about every move. Do you buy your coffee in the morning? Is that cup recyclable or that straw you used to mix in your sugar? Getting lunch on the go? Most take out comes in styrofoam containers which cannot be recycled.

Let me know what was the hardest obstacle today.

8. Get off the grid for a day7.  Put out a bucket or barrel to capture the rain

6.  Limit Energy Consumption
5.  Take reusable sacks to the store - Every store
4.  Use natural dyes for Easter eggs
3.  Buy from a local business
2.  Make a commitment to the challenge.
1.  Clean the air in your home by purchasing house plants to filter the air.

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