April 4(for) Green Acres Challenge

These monthly challenges are your opportunity to cultivate your own acres. They are designed to challenge your creativity, test your will power, and pull your awareness to the footstep you are leaving behind. 

By participating in these challenges and sharing them with others you are spreading the message. Over time, those around us will be making better choices as well. The goal is not to change how you live your life, but rather think about the implications of those choices and tweek them for the best outcome.


The month of April marks another Earth Day celebration, and while there will be a cornucopia of ideas out there to get a little greener, May will hit and normalcy will set back in.  Living greener should last for more than a day or a month.  This idea is what started the 4(for) green acres project in the first place.  The notion that cultivating healthy green acres requires more than just recycling.  It is and should be a practice that reconnects you with the natural cycle you play a major role in, regardless if you live in the city or the country.  

April's challenge is 30 days filled with 30 ways to make small changes in your life that will last throughout the year.  Simple changes that if we all make, will have a huge impact.  Each day I will post a challenge that will get you to think, connect, share, or step out of the matrix.  If you can't fulfill the challenge that day, save it for another day in April.  By the end of the month you'll have 30 different methods to live your 4(for) green acres every month.  My goal to show you how easy it is so that once you've completed the challenge it will be no big deal to keep that change in your daily routine.   

Today's challenge is to make a personal commitment to complete each challenge and start making these practices part of your life every month.  Write yourself a note about why you want to live a more natural, simple life within your community.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Technically the month started yesterday, but I usually take the weekends off.  The challenge for yesterday is to start cleaning the air within your home.  Purchase at least one house plant (more is better) and place them throughout your home.  You'd be surprised with how much junk plants filter out of the air.  

Excited about the challenge and want to spread the message? Grab a 4(for) green acres project badge for your blog by using this code to let others know you're growing your own greener acres. I've added the badge to the sidebar as well.

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