Backyard Garden Update

It's been awhile since I've done a BYG update.  Spring is rolling right along and veggies and flowers are getting planted, and others are sprouting.  Now is the time I'm caring for my little ones with compost tea and watering when needed.  There has been a bit of activity.  
When I started the garden this year I made a map of my beds and pots in a journal, and I marked the plants in the garden as well.  This year I used leftover paint sticks for markers.  I cut them in half.  Without referring to my journal I'll know what's starting to come up.  

I'm trying something new this year.  I'm growing heirloom German Pink tomatoes from seeds.  I got them at Seed Savers Exchange.  I planted them in eggs shells that I washed out and saved.  When they are big enough I can directly plant the shell in the garden.  
I recently noticed these sprouts growing up in the grass.  I thought perhaps I dropped a few seeds during planting.  They were EVERYWHERE.  It finally dawned on me that when I started my compost bin I broke down my fall pumpkins to start the pile.  I remember thinking then I would regret that later. I am pulling new pumpkin sprouts daily!  
There have been quite a few visitors to the garden already.  Of course there are plenty of birds, ants, and spiders. One of my favorite visitors was this incredible moth that stayed with us for a few days.  
And while there is no sign of hummingbirds yet, the butterflies have been taking advantage of the feeder. It has been a very uncommon season for butterflies.  We have more this year than I can ever remember seeing before.  One night, as the sun was shining on the west side of the house, they covered the siding as I stood in awe.  Of course I didn't think to get my camera.  

I'm ready for a good push of heat so everything will start shooting up.  We had a good dose of rain this weekend and that will help as well.  Before I know it, harvest will be here!  

It's not too late to start your garden.  See the links below for ideas. 
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