Down In Sugarland

I am completely moved by music.  A note, a lyric, a melody can imprint a memory so deep that hearing it again will take me back to that moment.  I will almost go as far to say that it heals me much like nature.  So when I get the opportunity to go to a concert I jump on it.

I was lucky enough to go to the Sugarland concert last week.  I was already smitten with Jennifer Nettles, but now I can say I love them both.  Her vocals, his musical skill, and songs that speak to you are the perfect combination. 

Our seats weren't too bad.  The venue was fairly small, but the advantage was the concert being on a Thursday night no where near a metropolitan area.  A lot of seats up front were left empty.  We made our way up to the front and ended up about 10 rows back from center stage.  Beyond awesome. 
We would have made it into the VIP area but we didn't have the look.  There were a group of women right behind us that were, let's just say, dolled up.  A security guy came by and asked if we, the cluster of women, wanted to go to the VIP area.  Uhm, yah.  Well cc and I were at the back of the line and when it came time for us to pass through, the man cut us off and said no.  I was mad, maybe more annoyed, and as I sat there scowling at him, I realized it was a waste of my time.  We did have pretty good seats.  After watching who he let through I realized you had to be hot and showing a little skin to be considered VIP.  Maybe next time.

The concert was so good that I'm still thinking about it this week.  I have their CD's on repeat today.  This is the lineup of what they played.

Does music move you in the same way?