Laundry Line

I finally got my clothes line put up in the backyard.  In our previous home our backyard was too small for a line if I wanted any type of yard.  That meant using multiple drying racks and empty corners to dry my laundry.  Ideally I would like a clothesline on the south side my house that is permanent.  The downside to this notion is not only is it against the HOA rules, I'm sure the neighbors to the south don't care to see my laundry when they look out the window.

So it came down to choosing the right line.  It would need to be compact, but with ample space for hanging, and it would have to be removable.  I chose a four sided laundry line on an aluminum pole that does both.  It won't shade the garden and the hole can be mowed right over when you take it out.  
The tricky part was stabling the pole in the ground.  I called my dad for a phone tutorial.  It's not exactly convenient to drive 14 hours to put in your daughter's clothesline.  Besides, I'm pretty handy as long as I have good instruction.  He should be proud of me.  The base pole is quick-creted into the ground and level!  

I already use it quite a bit.  I absolutely love the smell of laundry that has been sun dried.  It reminds me so much of my mother.  Now I just need to make a cute sack for my clothespins.  I think I have the perfect fabric.