Another Year Older...

I celebrated my birthday last Saturday.  I marked in my journal that it was not notable.  cc has the flu and I spent the evening on my porch with the day's mail and a cocktail.  The weekend plans had to be canceled or rescheduled. 

In a lot of ways it was nice.  I decided not to cook, do any housework, and only mess in the garden to keep the plants alive.  It was an invitation to relax, and I did.

I started thinking about my life and all the blessings I have, but also realized how boring I've become.  The word fear kept slapping me in the face trying to get me to pay attention to it.  So I spent time trying to define it and resolved to concur it.  I made a pact to find adventure again in my 33rd year.  I was the girl, after all, that picked up and moved to Texas on a whim. 

So, here's to adventure.  I suppose this is what I had in my mind when I set my word of the year.