May Chronicle

It's hard to believe that June is tomorrow.  Where did this month go?  I've been so preoccupied.  May was a good month, full of life.

+  I started off the month by making May Day baskets
+  I knocked out several items on my fix list around the house.  It feels good to not have them hanging over my head.
+  Purchased a new refrigerator...finally
+  Attended cc's family reunion
+ Celebrated my dad's birthday, cousin's birthday, cc's dad's birthday, and my brother's anniversary
+ Received really good news from cc's sister
+  Found the cutest pet rabbit in my driveway and provided a safe home for him...for a week
+  After deciding to keep Hop A. Long his family called and they came to get him
+  Traveled to Nebraska to manifest my sister's dreams and meet my cute nephew
+  Celebrated my mother on mother's day and sent her a homemade card
+  Met a famous person that is in my sister's social circle
+  Arts & Letters Live - John Irving - a very interesting character
+  Worked on banning junk mail and somehow felt I got more this month than ever
+  Trained 350 YMCA day camp counselors in behavior management
+  Almost flooded the house when the new frig arrived and I tried to connect the water line
+  I put up 7 quarts of green beans to freeze and 11 quart jars of bread and butter squash.  In the process I managed to dump an entire bowl and sugar mixture on my floor.  I've scrubbed it 3 times and it's still sticky.
+  I turned another year older
+  Attended the cutest dance recital ever
+  Watched the entire second season of Dowton Abbey 
+  Dealt with the flu in our household. I do not wish this on anyone.
+  My parents traveled to Washington D.C. 
+  Remembered both of my grandfathers and all the others that have passed
+  Movie - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - loved it!   
+  Naturally
          - Solar eclipse when Venus crossed paths with the sun 
          - finally getting much needed rain
          - the humming birds have finally arrived
+  In the garden
          - hung the onions to dry
          - made a homemade foliar feed mix for fertilizer
          - started harvesting beans, cabbage, potatoes, lettuce, and squash
          - the raspberry crop did not do well, but the blackberries are going crazy
          - fruitful peach crop
          - strawberries will be ready soon
+ In the kitchen
          - I attempted homemade tortillas
          - chickpea and macaroni salad
          - homemade runzas