How to Make Your Own Stationary Envelopes

May's 4(for) green acre challenge was to ban junk mail.  I ended up with more junk mail than usual this month.  Maybe because I tried to get off the mailing lists, or maybe because I was more aware of what was arriving in my mailbox.  Typically, it gets thrown into the recycle bin, but with the abundance this month I decided to upcycle it instead of tossing it.

Colorful catalogs full of dresses I'd never wear, a 50+ page catalog from Restoration Hardware, security envelopes with pretty stripes: there was potential in all of them.  The easiest thing to do was put a spin on this junk in order to send it right back in the mail.  I turned them into envelopes of all varieties. 

I started by gathering my favorites from the pile (recycled the rest) and collected the templates.

click on image to print small template size

After that, it was a matter of cutting out the images to the size of envelope I wanted and gluing them together with a glue stick.  I made envelopes for small gift cards, letters, and greeting cards.  I will simply affix a white label to address the envelope and send it off. 

Simple as that.  No more purchasing envelopes.  You can use stamps and stencils for embellishment and a basic glue stick or Japanese washi tape to seal it.