Repurposing Vintage Locker Baskets

I ran across a treasure recently.  cc's family has land in the country with barns filled to the brim with junk.  It seems as if her grandfather was a "collector."  As her father was cleaning out the barn one day, he unearthed 15 or more locker baskets.  He stacked them in the toss pile and I happened to snag a few that were in the best condition.  

He had no idea how much these baskets are worth.  While I was out antique browsing I found two locker baskets on sale for around $30 each!  I took a quick picture because I knew he wouldn't believe me.  

These baskets come in so handy, but they needed cleaning up first.  I am fortunate to have a large sandblaster at work, so a co-worker of mine sandblasted all of them to get the rust off.  Once they were raw I was able cover the name plate and spray paint them. 

I painted basket 507 in white for my bathroom.  I have a vintage dentist cabinet painted a turquoise green that holds my towels and I'm using basket 507 to hold wash cloths.

I painted basket 504 in bright blue to place in this room and hold all my favorite publications. 

My favorite detail about the baskets are the number plates.  I wonder if the lockers came from a school or an employee break room.  They were made by Kasper Wire Works in Shiner, Texas (also home of a really good beer) so they didn't travel far.

I have a few more that will more than likely end up in my studio for storage of paints and other products, but I haven't decided on a paint color yet.  What would you do with them?