DIY Quick and Easy Summer Bracelets

Summer is for celebrating friendships.  One way I like to express friendships is through bracelets and necklaces that you make and give to another person.  

When I went through my grunge stage as a summer camp counselor I wore every gift of friendship I received, as you can see in the photo above.  I had friends from Brazil, New Zealand, and Austrailia that made me something to wear.  Campers and friends expressed their love and respect through bracelets and necklaces and I adorned my body with all of them.  

I still love friendship bracelets, although my tastes have changed.  I will no longer wear a bracelet on each arm or ankle, but they bring back memories of a few really great summers with very beautiful relationships.  The process of making them holds a special place in my heart.  

When this beautiful girl came into town for a visit, I decided I'd teach her how to make friendship bracelets since she was special to me.  There are a variety of methods, but we went for quick and easy.  I especially like the idea of using old buttons.  There is no knot tying or technique and they are easy to change out.  

Using this visual tutorial we made these bracelets using charms.  She had a circular charm and I went for a hammered, industrial looking bar.  I chose to knot mine on the end versus making a loop to take it on and off.  I knew I would wear it all summer as a reminder of our friendship.  Get inspired to make one by checking out other ideas from Pinterest.