What Joy Looks Like

My baby sister is five years younger than I am.  For the most part she has been my shadow.  Growing up I hated her tagging along until my sixth grade teacher talked to me about what a great role model I could be.  My attitude changed after that conversation and I didn't mind her around so much.  Today she is my best friend.

One thing for sure that was always different between us was her love for hair.  I, ever the tomboy, hated having to manage my out of control hair.  Short, long, and a number of perms later, I still dislike doing anything with my hair.  Sarah, on the other hand, has always strived to have perfectly coiffed hair.  Her babysitter would fix her hair almost everyday and then spray it with a can of aqua net.  Soon her passion for doing other people's hair ignited.  Anyone that was a willing victim could have their hair curled, or crimped.  She was FIVE.

Jump twenty years ahead and she still loves hair.  She has made it her life's work.  After cosmetology school she worked on commission, then moved on to working for herself in booth rental, and now... she has manifested her dream and opened the doors to her very own salon.

I am so incredibly proud of her.  The process hasn't been easy:  Finding a location, dealing with a mess left from a previous tenant, a month delay in opening, and dealing with all the woes construction can bring.  The time is finally here. 

I have to showcase her and the salon in this space not because hair is my thing, but because following your heart is.  I feel like I've felt all the pain and joy that has come out of this project over the last year.  I'm overcome with bliss that it happened for her.  This is what joy looks like.

Here are a few shots of her space.  It's fairly minimalist with clean lines which actually makes you feel beautiful when you sit in the chair because you can truly see yourself.

Thank you for letting me share my excitment with you.  You can check out Sarah's facebook page here.  And if you're a stylist living in Lincoln and need a place to work, she has spots available.  *wink*