November Chronicle

November was a good month.  Full of gratitude which eased the effects of Mercury in retrograde in my life.  I've been listening to Marie Manuchehri and through her podcasts I was introduced to Christopher Renstrom's sight, Ruling Planets.  It's like a light bulb went on in my head.  I'm not completely convinced, but it sure explains a few things.  The reverse spin has taken it's toll and I'm ready to move into December.

It was a busy month and December promises to be double that.  As I'm starting to wrap up my year in preparation for 2013 I'm amazed at how much has been accomplished in 2012.  I once wished to live a full, happy life, and the other day I realized that I am here.  Ever a work in progress, but present. 

  • Since I love fall, this month was spent nesting.  Furniture rearranged, nature brought indoors, and a general turning in.
  • The time change hit me hard this year.  Maybe it's age.  I remember being young and wondering why older people blamed things on their age.  I am beginning to understand.  
  • Took my two favorite girls out to an open house at the lake.  They played in the sand and thought the day was a big adventure. 
  • Annie started her second level of training. She is progressing, and it's nice to see the training pay off.
  • Strangest thing happened.  I was in a meeting at work with a potential vendor and I was stung by a bee on my arm.  At the time it didn't bother me, but the next day it blew up to the size of a golf ball and itched horribly.  I can't remember the last time I was stung by anything.  
  • We took our friend's daughter on a road trip to Austin to visit a school is interested in attending.
  • We attended our annual neighborhood meeting.  I'm very thankful for community.  It's interesting to see others so passionate about where they live.
  • Grams and my good friend BR celebrated birthdays this month.
  • Our cat, Luna, suffered from an abscessed anal gland.  It was horrible and gross.  Because of this she has to wear a collar, and she had to travel with us during Thanksgiving.  She has been dubbed 'cone head.'
  • I was lucky enough to snag an afternoon with aforementioned friend BR.  She was off for Thanksgiving week and we were able to sit, undisturbed, and catch up.  I think I did most of the talking.  Thanks, BR!
  • Studio CB was spotlighted over here this month.  I enjoyed digging deeper into the scope of her work.  She is very talented.  
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving on Galveston Island in the gulf. 
  • I participated in Michelle's gratitude week and that inspired me to create a gratitude tree in my front yard.
  • My parents decided to come to TEXAS for Christmas.  First time ever to host them in my home for a holiday.  I'm thrilled. 
  • Annie was spayed this month, but we received some bad news about her hips.  She as mild to moderate hip dysplasia.  Treatment seems to be a gamble between the severity and her age.  Did you know dogs can get hip replacements?  Titanium a dog.  We have a long road ahead with this little one. 
  • With the coming of fall comes the best food.  I made the best pork loin with apples and shallots and cream gravy (recipe to come), almond bread, and butternut squash bread.  Not to mention all the roasted butternut squash.
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