October Chronicle + Thoughts On Why I Blog

WOW. October is already over.  Somehow that doesn't seem possible.  The days are flying by so fast.  Does time only speed up as you age?

This post almost didn't make it, but after much thought I'm going with my gut and posting it.  Recently my blog has come into some controversy. Without going into detail, let's just say it has put me on the fence of continuing to post in this space or giving it up all together.  I struggle with this decision.  For starters, this space is my creative outlet.  I find I'm a healthier and happier person when I can be creative and this blog platform is my accountability partner.  I enjoy sharing with those of you I've met or have yet to meet, and by giving I receive so much insight and inspiration back.  I don't blog to offend anyone.  I don't blog to be negative or complain, although life has certainly thrown it's curve balls and I could be ranting about the injustices, but what would be the point?

Secondly, I truly believe in the power of tribe.  And slowly, I'm coming around to finding mine.  This online space is where we gather, share stories, ideas, and ultimately build relationships with those kindred souls that do not live just down the street.  I feel that ceasing all posting on indigo 26 would stifle the one thing I've been trying so hard to find: friendship.  My heart says that no matter what you do someone will find issue with it, but does that make it worth giving up?  And right now, today, I have to say no.

So here is my chronicle for October.  The events that happened in my life this month that I like to document.  The list that shows you a small glimpse into my world, and showcases my gratitude for the good in my life.  If it offends you, well, that's just not my problem.

  • I started the month in Nebraska celebrating with my sister.  She opened her own salon, and she hosted an open house. 
  • While there, we attended the Nebraska/Wisconsin game.  It's been YEARS since I've been to a Husker game.  I know if I stated how I really feel about the experience they might revoke my statehood.  
  • The driving gods were not with me because I was awarded a speeding ticket in BFE Kansas.  Another first in YEARS.
  •  Annie graduated, with honors, from puppy training class.  I finally understand humans' obsessions with dogs.  I get it.  I'm smitten, and this proud mama was very proud of her pup! 
  • I started Eileen's {eye} wonder class and have been inspired all month. 
  • My mama came for a visit.  It was her annual visit, and this year we decided to keep it low key, which was perfect. 
  • We took her to play Top Golf and we went to the Cottonwood Art Festival.  
  • cc traveled to Tennessee for a workshop.  While part of me was excited to have a weekend alone without chores or an agenda, I realized how much I would rather have her around.  She fills my life with joy. 
  • I finished the Mary Oliver quote I painted that is been in the works for a couple of months.  
  • My sister made a major life change, and I've been barreling through the change with her.  On a good note, she purchased a cute little cottage near her salon. 
  • Watched a few 5 year old soccer games.  My favorite girls and a few of the neighbor boys.  They have an immense amount of energy.  There has to be a way to tap into that. 
  • I've been tapping into fall fare and cooking up pumpkin cinnamon bread, pork roast with apple chutney, and yellow split pea soup.
  • My dad was suddenly hospitalized.  While he is ok, it puts life into perspective. 
  • I've been sticking to the October 4(for) green acres challenge and I had my yearly physical.  
  • I have also been using the energy mists I purchased from Lotus Wei and I'm loving them.  
  • The weather has been gorgeous and we've been taking Annie on a lot of walks.  We have a dirt road behind our subdivision that parallels a field and we are able to unleash her and let her run.  
  • I played with crayons and made an art project.
  • We attended an adult party in our neighborhood.  It was nice getting to know other adult neighbors.  We know so many of the kids, but not adults. 
  • We traveled to Topeka, Kansas and then to Kansas City to watch our friend's daughter play in her high school state volleyball tournament.  
  • We took Annie with us and in the hotel we were staying at they had a Great Dane convention.  When I told my sister she said Annie could herd all the Clydesdales if they got out of hand.  I laughed so hard. 
  • We've been nesting by decorating and rearranging furniture.  We've been here a year now, and we are finally getting a feel for the place.
  • We went to see the movie Argo and loved it.  Ben Affleck knows how to pick movies. 
  • We watched Moonrise Kingdom at the hotel in Topeka and I can't say that I was impressed. 
  • Halloween is huge in our neighborhood so we handed out a lot of candy and seasonal goodies, and had a little campfire in our yard to visit with neighbors.  cc's mom came over and celebrated with us.  
  • Finally, my thoughts go out to all those on the East coast affected by Superstorm Sandy.  As it has left NY and NJ devastated in its wake, I cannot fathom the grief so many families must be feeling by having their lives upended and destroyed. 
Happy November!