Road Trip || Austin...Again

I just can't get enough of Austin.  This road trip will never get old.  I realized that this post looks very similar to this one.  Creature of habit, what can I say?  We did have a purpose this time.  A friend of ours has a senior in high school AND she loves Austin as much as we do.  So we took her down to check out St. Edwards University and hang out in the SoCo district. 

We stayed in the wonderfully quirky Austin Motel on South Congress.  It's an old motor inn.   Each room has a different motif.  Ours happened to have wallpaper showcasing a desert scene.  All of the furniture is vintage.  I loved it. It was clean and within walking distance to all of our favorite spots.  

We took photos all weekend long.  We possibly have a photojournalism major in our future.  SoCo boasts food truck vendors, vintage clothing, and artisan vendors.  We hit all of them.

Jo's is a corner coffee shop on SoCo that makes the best latte.  While the teen slept, we walked over to enjoy a latte and the morning paper. 

You can't go to Austin and not visit Uncommon Objects.  Even if you are not into antiques they carry the strangest things that are so much fun to look at.  I walked away with quite a few new objects.

My favorite street vendor, besides Black & Bluebird Studios is a couple that makes succulent gardens from children's toys.  I have no idea where the card is to even tell you who they are, but if I find it, I'll let you know. Genius!  

A new find on this trip is a store named Parts + Labour.  Their motto is All Texas All the Time.  They only sell merchandise from local artists, and Austin is full of very creative people.  I bought the most adorable onesies for the babies in my life.  

There is no telling when I'll be back.  I just know it won't be soon enough.  If it were possible, I would set up camp in Austin.  It's weird, I'm weird.  Seems like a perfect fit!  I suppose what draws me in is the originality.  Austin, in particular South Congress Ave, doesn't look like the rest of the world.  It's hard to find a chain store of any kind.  It's defines the term local business and I dig it.