Christmas 2012

How was your Christmas?  I had a wonderful Christmas.  My parents drove down from Nebraska to celebrate with us.  This was the first time I have hosted my family in my home.  Usually we travel back to Nebraska, but this year my siblings were all spending the day with their in-laws so I was lucky enough to get my parents all to myself.  

We took a horse drawn carriage ride through Highland Park in Dallas to view all the lights.  Our driver mentioned that most of these lights start at $10,000 to install!  Wow!  They were beautiful, and it was a treat to see them up close.

Top Golf was on the agenda.  Notice the weather.  It was a sunny 65 that day.  

Luna snuggled in for gifts on Christmas Eve.  

Santa had to come to our house through Thunderstorms.  Early Christmas morning we had thunder and lightning, hail and RAIN!  The moisture is such a gift.  Then the temperature started to drop and slowly the rain started turning to flurries.  

By the end of Christmas day we had a pristine blanket of snow on the ground.  It was magical.  I took Annie out to play in the snow and she loved it.  

We were all spoiled and very blessed this Christmas.  Even Annie got a little something in her stocking.  I am so thankful for parents that love me so much.  It was special for me to have them in my home for the holiday.

Unfortunately, they have to drive home on icy roads.  Texans are not accustomed to bad road conditions which has made the trip a rather treacherous.

My heart is full this year.