December 4(for) Green Acres Challenge

These monthly challenges are your opportunity to cultivate your own acres. They are designed to challenge your creativity, test your will power, and pull your awareness to the footstep you are leaving behind.

By participating in these challenges and sharing them with others you are spreading the message. Over time, those around us will be making better choices as well. The goal is not to change how you live your life, but rather think about the implications of those choices and tweek them for the best outcome.


This monthly challenge has come full circle.  It was this month last year that I had the idea to start posting monthly challenges that would encourage others to live a more conscientious life.  The December challenge was to not purchase any wrapping of any type.  It was intended to recycle and get creative with what you already had on had.  The December 2011 archives are full of ideas on how to achieve this if you want to go for it again this year.  I intend to. 

I am sad to report that this will be the final monthly 4(for) green acres challenge post.  I will post a challenge from time to time, but not a consistent basis.  As my blog took on several identities this year, I have been weaving through the threads searching for one that suits me best.  While it is still evolving, you'll start to see that the things that don't suit are going to slowly disappear or pop up elsewhere.  

So without further delay... the final challenge.

This year the word community has been jumping out at me around every corner.  Searching for mine, wondering where I fit in, and finally learning the vast lesson about my ignorance in believing that I could possibly live this life alone.  With that being said I want to dedicate this last challenge to community, whomever that may be for you.  

It goes without saying that we are all too plugged in sometimes. Your challenge is to unplug, slow down, and dedicate some creative time to making a gift for someone in your community.  And by community it can be someone in your family, your best friend, your CSA farmer.  The person is of your choosing.  The medium is your choosing as well.  It can be a baked good, a piece of art, or something hand sewn.  

By making a gift for someone in your circle it represents what living a 4(for) green acres life is all about.  Your investment into another person is building progress.  Others almost always pay it forward in some way.  

Happy crafting, baking, sewing...  Leave me a comment and let me know what you plan to make.  I love hearing your ideas.