Squam Art Workshops

I have two special announcements today.  The first one being that if you are interested in attending Squam, the spring 2013 registration is now open! 

The second announcement is that I am honored that Elizabeth and her team have used a few of my photos on the new Squam website.  There is a slide show on the home page and my photos filter through the show.  In the grand scheme of things, it is not a big deal, butI feel honored because it's a testament to how much I've grown personally.  First and foremost to have even attended in 2009 was a big deal.  It's not like me to fly across the country by myself to participate in a creative camp that was so outside of my box.  This blog is a result of that trip. 

But life is about taking chances and making new discoveries about yourself.  This year was my second trip.  If I were to compare myself from then to now, I've grown immensely.  Not only in my abilities as a photographer, journaler, and artist but also emotionally.  I handle and carry myself differently.  So to see that woman end up with a few photos on a very public page is humbling.  It's a small affirmation that what I'm doing matters, who I am is important, and that my roots are spreading.  Everyone needs to feel that from time to time.

I do hope you get to go someday.  It will change you, I promise.