Dog Wonder

I've had the winter blues lately.  The kind where all I want to do is sleep, eat a lot of bad food, and practically do nothing because I have zero motivation.  I'm stuck in my own head and can't seem to step out of it.  Do you ever deal with this?

I'm questioning everything and trying to find something wrong that really isn't there.  Thankfully I get a good dose of nature medicine every day because no matter what mental state I'm in, Annie still has to go for a walk.

I read something recently that says we should all take a lesson from dogs.  Each day they are excited.  Excited to see you, to sniff, to run, play, jump, lick.  In their mind's they are saying "this is the best day ever!"  We should all embody that philosophy.

Daily we walk by a magnolia tree.  The ground around the tree is littered with seed pods.  She loves to pick them up and carry them in her mouth for most of our walk.  They look like a short stogie hanging out the side of her mouth. She looks forward to this every day.  Every day.  She finds one, picks it up, tosses her head around and acts like she just find the treasure...again.  This is the best day ever.

I can't help but laugh, and laughter will brighten anyone's spirit.  She is my wonder dog.  Dog wonder.