Rock the Shot January Challenge

This year I am taking my photography to a new level.  To start the year I am entering the January photo challenge with this shot of my sister, Sarah.  The challenge is sponsored by Rock the Shot.

We are to pick our favorite photo from 2012 and this one happens to be one of my favorites because it captures her exactly as I see her.  She is full of life.  We laugh, giggle and have a lot of fun when we are together and you can see it here in her eyes.  

I captured this by crouching down so I was slightly below her level.  She was facing a window, so the light is natural.  I also used a reflector to bounce more light on her face.  She is always saying funny things so we were actually just talking.  I told her I was just checking the settings on my camera and therefore she was relaxed.  I took a few shots and this is the result. 

Rock the Shot