by the season

SUMMER: June 20 - September 21

July 3 | Buck Moon
August 1 | Sturgeon Moon
August 31 | Blue Moon

Seasonal Food

+  Eggplant
+  Green Beans
+  Zucchini
+  Bell Peppers
+  Basil
+  Swiss Chard
+  Peas
+  New potato
+  Sweetcorn
+  Cucumbers
+  Okra
+  Strawberries
+  Peaches
+  Rhubarb
+  Raspberries
+  Walnuts
+  Cantaloupes
+  Tomatoes
+  Cherries
+  Blackberries
+  Nectarines
+  Apricots
+  Mangos
+  Plums
+  Watermelon
+  Fig

Fire*side Reflection (The most honest and real answers surface when sitting around a campfire with friends and sometimes even strangers.  Reflect on this question with loved ones or in your journal)

          What is your idea of earthly happiness?

4(for) green acres tip or tidbit

The focus this summer is really going to be on water, which was June's challenge.   Much of the country is still in drought and several wild fires are raging.  Create a water budget for the summer and stick to it.  Be wise with this resource.  

The 4(for) green acres challenges this season will especially motivate you so be sure to participate each month.  


Now that your summer garden has been planted, it's time to weed, mulch and add compost tea as a side dressing.  Mulching is great because it helps control weed growth, retains moisture in the soil, and keep plants with low hanging fruit from rotting when they touch the ground.  Mulch doesn't have to be expensive.  It can be as simple as leaves from the fall or straw.  

Compost tea is natural fertilizer that will give your plants a boost just as they are starting to produce your harvest.  I typically make my own (but I don't use an aquarium pump), but it's also available to purchase at garden centers.    


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By The Season | Spring

It's the spring equinox and I couldn't be more excited.  Spring is my second favorite season and I've got big plans this year.  The garden is well on it's way and the weather has been contagious.

I think we get the most out of life when we live by the season.  It's healthy on so many levels and a great reason to cultivate your 4(for) green acres.  I've created a page dedicated to the current season that you can visit at any time by clicking on the by the season icon in the sidebar.  I've updated it for spring.  Jump on over.

Winter Fire*Side Reflection

We are in the midst of winter, although it doesn't feel like it here in Texas.  We have been on the verge of spring for most of the month.  I find the winter cycles strange.  As a kid, I could guarantee snow every winter, but these days, one just doesn't know what to expect.  On the upside, it has allowed for more time outside. 

My walks have been meditative lately.  The only consistent sign that winter is here.  I posted a question over on the by the season page and it feels like the right question to be asking myself.  After the holiday hangover and the leap into the new year, it's time to cleanse my thoughts for a little mental clarity. 
If you don't have all the things you want, are you grateful for all the things you don't have that you didn't want?
This answer comes with an astounding yes. I've been writing five lines of gratitude a day since January one, and I can say, with conviction, that the process has helped me accept the thanksgiving in the small things.  Imagine having a bad day and then trying to find five good things about it.  It shifts perspective. 

I am very blessed to have the things I want, and when I don't, I try to find the means to get them.  For example, I wish I had more time with my family in Nebraska, so I'm carving out dates in my calendar to travel home.

All that being said, there is a list of things I'm very thankful for not having, like an unhealthy body.  I'm thankful I don't have a family that has shunned me or I'm thankful that I don't have icy roads, even if I want the snow, but the truth is I'd rather be coming up with the list of all I do have because the alternatives could be so much worse.  We are all blessed in our own way, we just recognize it differently.