About Me

I was born and raised in rural Nebraska. Growing up, I spent most of my time outdoors riding horses, running through corn fields, and building forts. My love for the natural world derives from the safety and security I found (and still find) by walking out the back door. I went off to college and earned a degree in psychology from Nebraska Wesleyan University. After graduation I had a yearning to leave the simple life as quick as possible in search of an indigo life: rich, abundant, and maybe a little wild.

I landed in Texas by circling my finger on a U.S. map. That was all it took to get out of Nebraska. Two weeks later I saw the state line in my rear view mirror with everything I owned in my car. It was an adventure, but twelve years later I am still in Texas. Only now, I’m on a journey for an indigo life that returns to my simple and natural upbringing.
This blog is the chronicle of that journey;  My musings, travels, garden, DIY projects, love of nature and its natural cycles.  The moniker comes from the adventure I crave as well as my favorite number.

I live with my partner (cc), our Australian Shepherd, and our cats in a cozy house north of Dallas. During the day I work for the family business. When I’m not working at the shop I’m journaling, dabbling in photography, or creating in my studio.
If you wish to use any images or content on this blog please drop me a line and ask. All images that are not mine are used with permission or through Creative Commons with attribution given to the source.